Ethical Practice Statement

Personally and professionally, I am guided by and aligned with my core values of freedom, truth, community, courage and joy.

I commit to seeing and celebrating my clients as the great individuals they are, full of talents and skills. I commit to honoring all agreed-upon client contracts for coaching and engaging in the highest-level of professionalism. I commit to articulating as best I can the nature of coaching and what I offer as a coaching professional, prior to the client contracting with me. I commit to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of my clients, within the capacity of the law. I commit to managing my business and finances lawfully and with integrity. I commit to avoiding perceived and actual conflicts of interest. I commit to continuing my own education to always provide the highest level of coaching to my clients. I commit to providing my clients with honest, clear, and direct feedback. I commit to hearing feedback from clients as an avenue of continuous growth. I commit to refer my clients on to other professionals if I feel our work together is no longer progressing, or the client’s needs are outside the bounds of what I offer in coaching. I commit to remain in the service of all of my clients, standing in the greatness of each person I have the privilege of coaching.

I am a PCC credentialed member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and adhere to ICF’s Code of Ethics.

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