“Jessica is a skilled facilitator of dialogue and ideas. She keeps people focused on mission always, while making space for broad discussion.”  Scott ~ Entrepreneur 

“Being coached by Jessica is hands-down the best money I have ever spent on professional development. I’m sending everyone I know to her.” Mindy ~ ELCA

“Compassionate, intelligent, down to earth and results oriented would be how I would describe my experience of Jessica. As a coach, she created an incredibly safe space from where she challenged my thinking and supported me as I integrated this new thinking into my life and business. The results were new opportunities and a clarity of thought that has fast tracked the achieving of my goals. She is very comfortable in the corporate setting as well as in the non-profit settings. I highly recommend Jessica to any organization or individual seeking to get more out of their professional career and life in general.”  Alice ~ inVITA Coaching, Alberta, Canada

“This was a transformative experience! I’ve gained confidence, a voice, and direction for my next career steps. I also have tools to handle stress I never thought possible.”  DeAnn ~ Alberta Health Services, Alberta, Canada

“Jessica’s coaching style is along the lines of a close friend or mentor. I immediately felt comfortable with telling her personal details of my life. I was able to share some of my past mistakes and the ways that I am trying to take control over those items now and in the future.”  Norman ~ Dallas Fire and Rescue, Texas, USA

“The impact from coaching has been significant and has helped me to figure out the tools I need and what I need to think about in order to answer my own questions. Jessica gave me lots of time to think, but stepped in when I stalled, at appropriate times. She had the ability to focus my thoughts with good questions.” Braden ~ CCCU, British Columbia, Canada

“I had an outstanding coaching experience with Jessica. Our sessions set in motion changes that would significantly change my life. I am now in a job and career that I love!”  Julie K. ~ Alberta, Canada

“Jessica has been an amazing help to me in figuring out my goals in a new position and in navigating through all my ideas to figure out what my priorities are. She has encouraged me and supported me, and this has helped me to be a better manager of my time and the work I do.”  Karla ~ Salvation Army, British Columbia, Canada

“As a result of coaching, I’m more confident in my role, I’m doing a good job and I should be proud and be able to share my ‘wins’ with my colleagues. You were thoughtful and mindful of what you were saying. Your entire focus was on me and my feelings and ideas and I always felt ‘heard’ after each session.”  Linda ~ BBD, Ontario, Canada