Coaching services are customized and promote a sustainable self-learning process. When clients are ready to be coached, they experience extraordinary shifts which lead to being better leaders, managers, employees, spouses, parents, friends, and citizens.


Individual Coaching
I work with emerging and established leaders who realize they have capacity for great growth. I support leaders through staff transition, restructuring, special projects, short- and long-term planning, realigning with mission and vision, team enhancement, inner- and cross-departmental communication, succession planning.

Organizational Coaching
I work with businesses and nonprofits to help improve talent acquisition and retention, ensure training investments will be impactful for the long-term, navigate change, enhance interpersonal communication, create the culture they dream of, and design internal coaching programs. Coaching is often delivered in a group environment, both cross-departmentally and within existing teams. Customized and co-created assessments are available.

I create and facilitate custom coach-approach workshops tailored to an organization’s needs and goals, ranging from four hours to four days. Workshop theme examples: enhancing soft skills, values and mission alignment, creating goals with soul, team-building and project retrospectives.

I partner with LEAD to provide coaching to faith-based leaders throughout the United States.

Let’s connect to see if your coaching needs and my services align.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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